Our Focus

Raja Tun Uda Library’s main objective is to provide the most comprehensive library collection for all people from myriad walks of life: for rich and poor, and from the young through to persons with special needs, students and senior citizens.


Meanwhile, the role of the Yayasan Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda (Raja Tun Uda Library Foundation) will be to complement the Library by focusing its fund raising in the following areas:


Visually And Hearing Impaired People

Everyone must have access to education and the opportunity to fulfil their potential. We want to offer an expanded range of facilities that enable both visually and hearing impaired people whether they are children or adults, to enjoy reading, gain access to computers and the internet, and to make more use of the library.



Special Needs - Down's Syndrome, Autism, Dyslexia

Libraries have unique opportunities to raise awareness and strengthen services for children youth and adults with disabilities and their families. We aim to invest in making the Library more inclusive, comfortable and welcoming with an extensive range of books, toys and other resources to enable these persons to be more fulfilled and to support their families.



Selangor's Heritage And History

Selangor has a long and rich cultural and historical heritage which has shaped and continues to shape its identity. The Foundation will actively support the Library’s aim to be a leading public repository of books, papers and other records documenting the history of Selangor.


A Library is a lifelong learning centre that develops spiritual, intellectual, and emotional strengths.